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PostSubject: Sonnet   Sonnet Icon_minitimeSat Aug 16, 2014 5:46 am

Well, recently I wrote a sonnet in the Shakespearean rhyme scheme with iambic pentameter as my character Luna Juno Mistpetal. Please don't copy this and enter it into a contest because I'm planning on doing that, and please don't copy it because I worked really hard on it.

The Anesthesia Lament

I fell in love with you when I saw you.
To me, you fell from the sky like a star…
But now I wonder if that love was true,
Now all these nights I wonder where you are.
Infinitely more that I could say.
They say they did all that they could have done,
And now these times I miss you every day…
But this lover's lament is lost and won.
I think back fondly to those days gone by…
Even though we did laugh and dance and swoon,
Our kind, mankind, must let everything lie.
Lie under the face of the pallid moon.
But now I must thank you for showing me

The feeling of love, and that of being free.

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