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 Luna's Weapons and Character pics (Drawn)

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PostSubject: Re: Luna's Weapons and Character pics (Drawn)   Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:45 pm

Character Name:Airel Hamlin
Godly Parent:Apollo
Quote*:Being out there and racing against him, I can say that I think he's the best there ever was, ... I think he's racing against competition that is tougher than the sport has ever seen
Style:color black and purple
Any Notes or things I didn't list you want included:her outfit is a nascar firesuit like Denny's.

1 2 freddys coming for you 3 4 better lock your door 5 6 grab your crucifix 7 8 better stay up late 9 10 never sleep agian  Airel Hamlin

"If you ain't first your last" Ricky bobby

"Not at all. I went to the bottom and held my line. How they're saying I wrecked them with my right rear quarter panel, I have no idea."
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PostSubject: Re: Luna's Weapons and Character pics (Drawn)   Wed Nov 20, 2013 4:22 am

I am going to remake all of these, so it might be a while.
I wasn't a very good artist when I set this shop up, but now I know more techniques and I can do a better job.
I am actually ashamed of myself when I look at the old pics.
But now I can be awesome.
~La Luna & 3ris Cool

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Her Star Spread Its Fire Into The Night:

Retired: Delphia Delilah, Wood Nymph
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Luna's Weapons and Character pics (Drawn)
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