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 The Argo II

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PostSubject: Re: The Argo II   The Argo II - Page 11 Icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2013 3:39 am

OOC: Please stay in either 1st person or third but don't go back and forth

I move forward, keeping a watchful eye out for Calamity. Then we come to a horrible stop and I realize that we have landed somewhere. Suddenly the lights shut down and the gentle hum of the engine is cut. Did Calamity find the engine room? I hurry back over to Lilly's side and dribble a bit more nectar into her wound.[Hazel]

When the lights go out I go shoulder to shoulder with Piper and we both pull out our daggers. We're in the kitchen looking for Calamity. Terra is going out alone do draw her away from anything dangerous.[Annabeth]

Leo lands in a field in the middle of the closes island. He flips a switch and the lights and engine go out trying to buy the girls some time.[Jason]

Cleo/Apollo            Terra/Fortuna
Stella/Demeter       Lilly/Thanatos
Dimitra/Athena       Katrina/Akeso
Nicole/Poseidon      Abby/Hypnos
Nathaly/Hades       Rebecca/Gaea          
The Argo II - Page 11 Tumblr_inline_mnvs16qKIY1qz4rgp
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The Argo II
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